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Family Thinking conference 2017 - Thank you!

On October 11, 2017, the Family Thinking Forum took place at the Fort Sokolnickiego, Warsaw, Poland. 11 european speakers, and 3 thematic panels delivered the most up-to-date knowledge of family, youth and children's marketing, lots of inspiration and solutions.

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Family Thinking

Decision making models

Nowadays family decisions are made differently.
Hierachical approach is no longer used.

„We love our kids, we want everything what’s best for them. That’s why we guide them through life and make decisions that are best for them”.

It is more of a partnership-based model now.

„We want to support our kids in whatever they do to the best of our abilities and we want them to choose their own path in life”.

Sometimes it is child who makes decisions. Parents are there just to approve them.

„If that’s what our kids want we’re going to do it as long as we don’t find it harmful for them”.


This new model requires a different approach towards marketing.
Family Thinking means giving up classical relationship
between the brand–and the consumer in favour of relationship between three subjects:




Family Thinking means perceiving communication through prism of family, where:
A family consisting of different needs and expectations together makes a single decision.
If we want to create solutions that will be approved by families we need to think in terms of needs of a whole family. We know how to do that.  And we know how to use this knowledge to benefit your brand.

What makes us special?

1. We know what we’re doing.

We’ve been on the market for 8 years and we’ve implemented over 160 projects related to family and young marketing.

We build relations based on partnership.
We create long-term strategies. With some of our Clients we’ve been cooperating since 2008.

We prove effective at both big and small projects:
So far one of our biggest projects was worth over 5,3 mln PLN, and the one that brought us awards – 43K PLN.

2. We like challenges. And challenges like us.

3. We build brand’s presence subtly but effectively.

We know how to act ethically because we understand parents’ wariness regarding advertising and persuasive communication aimed at their children. Not only do we know how to take their worries out but also how to make them happy about their kids’ participation in our projects.

4. We know the world of education.

We understand the needs of this environment. The solutions we produce are enthusiastically adopted by teachers and heads of educational institutions.

5. We move families.

We don’t just talk about a brand – we let people experience it. The brand works when it creates a world open for families.

6. We address needs of families and kids.

We adjust products and services, and sometimes we create new ones. Not only do we know what works, but also how and why. We just know this market better that anybody else.
Everything that we do simply works.

7. We combine the different competences within the Family 360 concept

Brief we turn to the idea that we breathe life into all relevant touchpoints, both offline and online: production (events, music, music videos, music), BTL, PR and Digital.

8. Digital

Our digital campaigns are based on an author method that resembles the prism. The light emitting into the prism is the main message of the brand, and the diffused light coming out of the other side, symbolizes communication stratified to specific segments (age, gender, status, values) in their respective touchpoints.

9. PR

Our job is to design communication plans and strategies and supervise their implementation. We select tools and target messages to reach our target audience as precise as possible. The condition necessary to create engaging communication is leaning on true insights.

This is possible thanks to our specialization. Generations has been exploring the family marketing for the past 10 years and keeps up with the latest trends in the field.


Nivea Football Academies – sports marketing

Youth academies created so that the youngest can make their football dreams come true together with Nivea. For the first time in history Ajax Amsterdam Academy – the best football academy in the world – was brought to Poland.

Agency’s task: Creative concept and implementation including recruiting Ajax Amsterdam for the project.

Company of the Best – Consumer promo: lottery, instant win, special deals

The best products, the best prizes and meeting the real Champions.

Agency’s task: Creative concept and implementation.

„Mom, Dad, I prefer water!” – educational program for kindergartens and parents

We help to build good habits right from the early age. For over 10 years, together with Żywiec Zdrój we’ve been convincing kids to drink water, teachers to teach about it and parents to change their habits for healthier ones.

Agency’s task: Creative concept and implementation of 8 editions of the program.

Kinder Niespodzianka – Strategy

We’ve created and introduced a strategy for Ferrero’s iconic brand. The strategy that has been successfully implemented for over 8 years. It started with an idea for the brand and went on to staging musicals and a YouTube channel with over 100 mln views. Our communication reaches both kids and their parents.

Agency’s task: Creating a strategy and its implementation since 2008.

Little Swimmers – educational program for parents and swimming pools

Sensimotor development is an important issue for kids and their parents. Together with Huggies we make family life easier by coming up with ideas how to spend time in a healthy and fun way.

Agency’s task: Creative concept and implementation.

Loads of fun with Kinder Joy: Road Show in 14 cities

We came up with an idea and hit the road with  a Road Show that brings joy to families all over Poland.

Agency’s task: Creative concept and implementation.

Painting the future (BIC) - educational program for kindergartens and parents

Kids’ development is an important issue and we help parents and teachers to support it. We reach different levels of education and show how to develop the most important skills in a creative way.

Agency’s task: Creative concept and implementation of the project showing how to develop important skills through fun.

“Mom knows” (Fisher Price): Social Media – Expert program

Nobody knows kids better than their moms. We've appreciated their knowledge and decided to share it. When experts in toy designing met experts in kids upbringing the natural result was a series of recommendations for Fisher Price toys.

Agency’s task: Creative concept and implementation.

100 playgrounds for Nivea’s 100th birthday – CSR

To celebrate Nievea’s 100th birthday we found a way to do something good for local communities and include the brand in their everyday life.

Agency’s task: Creative concept and implementation.


Kinder Niespodzianka
Kinder Joy
Kinder duplo
Kinder nutella
Żywiec Zdrój
EA Sports
DAX Cosmetics
Little Swimmers
Ministerstwo Rozwoju Regionalnego
Ministerstwo Środowiska
Ministerstwo Skarbu Państwa
ZKM Gdynia


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